Nickel’s 48 Hour Horror Film Challenge

We participated in this super fun event and we ended up winning “The Scariest Film” with a prize of $750 to go towards our next film!! Wahoooo!! 🙂

The 48 Hour Horror Film Challenge is where participants get a line given to them and a prop on Friday at 8pm and must shoot and edit a short film containing the two and have it submitted by Sunday at 8pm. This year the line was “Hey I think there’s something down there!” and the prop was a meat cleaver. For anyone that has worked in film before, they will know 48 hours is NOT a lot of time to do this. This year was the biggest yet as filmmakers tried their hands at the challenge. you don’t have to be a professional to enter so if this interests you we strongly suggest doing it, everyone had a blast!!

Here is our submission, it’s a bit of a rough cut and some camera sound was used but it turned out pretty well! Enjoy!! Also make sure you keep watching after the credits!

There is also a blooper reel as well!