MUN Sobey Award 2023

For the past 3 years I have shot the footage Newfoundland’s MUN Sobey Award Winner video . These videos are produced and edited by Clothesline Media in Halifax and I always enjoy working with them and the award winners. It’s also fun to hand off footage and see how others edit it together. Enjoy!

A short 30 second promotional video for NL Floral Design!

This is a fun 30 second promotional video that will be used for social media to give consumers a quick idea of what this company is all about. Having both a long and short video is a great way to optimize your audience reach, the short videos are great for capturing a newer wider audience while the longer videos are more in depth and detailed which is great for showcasing the business as a whole.

A doc style commercial video for Newfoundland Floral Design!

These are my favourite videos to do. It’s really fun to sit down with business owners and employees and get to know what makes their business unique. I really enjoy translating what I learn about people and their work into visual stories. These shoots are always fun and relaxed so it’s the best of both worlds! Enjoy!

Check out this brand new show!

Son of a Critch is airing on January 4th on CBC and the CBC Gem app!! I worked on this production as a DIT and had a blast, there’s a lot of Newfoundland throwback nostalgia and it’s nice memoire of Mark Critch’s childhood growing up in the 80s here in Newfoundland. Don’t miss it!

A behind-the-scenes look

Last week I directed and co-produced a shoot for my new documentary, Set in Motion, at The Pouch Cove Foundation. We had a team that included a DP (Cecil Johnson), Sound Recordist/Mixer (Don Ellis), Camera Assistant (Duncan DeYoung), Production Manager (Mayra Sanchez) and Stills Photographer (Alex Stead). On this shoot we interviewed two researchers from On the Move Partnership, Deatra Walsh and Leanna Butters and they gave us some insight on the work they have completed recently.

The whole shoot went really well and I loved working on a team, something I don’t often do but definitely would like to be doing a lot more of in the future.

It’s all starting to come together for this doc finally as pre-production began during our 2020 lockdown. I’m happy to see this take form and looking forward to its release this coming fall.

Shooting a doc in the pandemic

We have been lucky in Newfoundland and I have my first vaccine now, yay! Shooting has been pretty straight forward for the most part with a few set backs due to the recent lockdown. For now it’s mostly social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer, just like everyone else!

Right now I’m shooting my new doc and also working on some other small commercial shoots. It’s a great time of year to be outside :).