Tin Bird Productions is NLOWE’s November Member Spotlight!!

For those of you unaware of NLOWE, they are an organization that help women entrepreneurs succeed in their business endeavours. I just joined this year and have found that NLOWE offers a lot of great resources and support for the things you may encounter when you are a noob (such as myself) running a business.

The people involved in NLOWE are full of great ideas and they can really help you get on your feet or expand your business, depending on how far advanced you are. Even just being in the atmosphere of likeminded women can be very motivating, I have met so many interested people involved with NlOWE so far and I am looking forward to meeting more. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is interested in starting a business or just looking to grow/expand their company.

Each month there is a member spotlight and this month is for Tin Bird Productions!! Check it out here!