Behind Banana Vacuum (2019)
MusicNL Award – The Nickel Independent Film Festival
Music Film Award – The Toronto Documentary Short Film Festival

Hailing from St. John’s Newfoundland, Banana Vacuum is not your ordinary punk band when it comes to its unlikely lead singer. We sit down with the band members to explore punk culture and question what a “normal” punk band really is and what it really means to be punk by today’s standards.

Festival screenings:

Bellingham Music & Film Festival – Bellingham, Washington – April 4-6
Calgary Independent Film Festival – Calgary, Alberta – April 22-27
Berlin Punk Film Festival – Berlin, Germany – May 2-5
Adrian International Film Festival – Adrian, Michigan – May 17-18
The Nickel Independent Film Festival – St. John’s, Newfoundland – June 17-22
Bonavista Film Festival – Bonavista, Newfoundland – July 5-7
Changing Face International Film Festival – Sydney, Australia – July, 2019
Toronto Documentary Short Film Festival – Toronto, Ontario – September 27 
Charlettetown Film Festival – Charlottetown, P.E.I. – Oct 25-27
Silver Wave Film Festival – Nov 7-10
Chilliwack Independent Film Festival – Nov. 22-24

Click here to see audience feedback (Note: spoilers ahead).




CBC’s Canada’s a Drag – Irma Gerd (2019)

A documentary series that showcases Canadian drag artists from coast to coast while highlighting a diverse array of drag queens and kings. Providing an all-too-rare showcase for these true multidisciplinary artists, the series continues to make clear that drag is as Canadian as poutine or hockey — and a whole lot more fabulous.​  The Irma Gerd was the first episode shot in Newfoundland and has gained a lot of attention online follow its release, watch the full episode here!






Flight of the Fisherman (2016)
Emerging Filmmaker Award – The Nickel Independent Film Festival
Audience Choice Award – Smith Sound Film Festival

This documentary follows Huang Yuechuang, a 77 year-old cormorant fisherman who is the last of his generation to carry on the traditional type of fishing in rural China.

Yuechuang has recently become a well known personality online since a photo of him won a Sony Award in 2012 and he is determined to show the world why it is important to keep his family tradition alive. This film has been screened at 5 different festivals in 2017, winning two awards including an Audience Choice award from the Smith Sound Film Festival. Available online in late 2019.