Flight of the Fisherman has been selected by the Nickel Film Festival :)

Flight of the Fisherman Preview from Tin Bird Productions on Vimeo.

Yayyy!! Come see “Flight of the Fisherman” at the Nickel Film Festival for it’s North American premiere! The festival runs June 20-24th this year and it’s a lot of fun to attend. This film was shot, edited and directed by me (Lian Morrison) on the Li River in China and it was my first documentary I ever did. Shooting documentaries is my favourite thing to do and I’m working on shooting more this year and next in Newfoundland.

Also note: this will be a Canadian premiere for this documentary, how fun!!

Nickel’s 48 Hour Horror Film Challenge

We participated in this super fun event and we ended up winning “The Scariest Film” with a prize of $750 to go towards our next film!! Wahoooo!! 🙂

The 48 Hour Horror Film Challenge is where participants get a line given to them and a prop on Friday at 8pm and must shoot and edit a short film containing the two and have it submitted by Sunday at 8pm. This year the line was “Hey I think there’s something down there!” and the prop was a meat cleaver. For anyone that has worked in film before, they will know 48 hours is NOT a lot of time to do this. This year was the biggest yet as filmmakers tried their hands at the challenge. you don’t have to be a professional to enter so if this interests you we strongly suggest doing it, everyone had a blast!!

Here is our submission, it’s a bit of a rough cut and some camera sound was used but it turned out pretty well! Enjoy!! Also make sure you keep watching after the credits!

There is also a blooper reel as well!