Megan’s Night of Music 2 – A Charity Event for Easter Seals Newfoundland and Free the Children :)

We are happy to announce that we will be donating our videography skills to film and edit a video for Megan’s Night of Music at the Husky Energy Easter Seals House on May 2nd, 2015. This music concert will feature Newfoundland artists such a Rex Goudie, Justin Nurse, Everglow, Brianna Gosse, Michael Duffy and more! Our job for the night will be to capture some of the acts and audience reviews then edit the footage into a video that can be used for future promotions, as well as a keepsake for those who helped out with the event.

easter seals newfoundland
Image from Maderra Engineering Inc.

The Easter Seals is a charity organization that helps persons with disabilities. They have many chapters throughout North America, including one in St. John’s, Newfoundland that serves the entire province. The Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador’s philosophy is “let’s identify what the children have trouble doing … and smash the barriers.” They have been helping persons with disabilities and their families overcome barriers through recreational sport and activities since 1937. For more information on Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador, visit their website here.

Free the Children is an organization with chapters all over the world. Their main goal is to empower youth to be agents of change. They have chapters in Canada, USA and the UK, that aim to engage youth to become active citizens of society and work towards a better future through meaningful action.

free the children charity event newfoundland
Free the Children – Street to School

In the Africa, Asia and Latin America chapters, Free the Children aims to work together with communities to give children the education skills and opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty by overcoming barriers that stand in their way. Not everyone is born on an equal playing field so this organization looks to help children obtain the tools they need to succeed and reach their full potential. For more information on Free the Children, visit their website here.

If you attend this Megan’s Night of Music, you are sure to have a great time and help these two organizations that are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children in Newfoundland as well as all over the world. For ticket information, email or call (709) 754-1399. See you there!

Sound Skills!

Test audiences have shown that people are more tolerant of bad picture than they are of bad audio. In most of our videos so far we have used music over our main wedding videos but now that we are getting more into videos incorporating voices (vows at a weddings, business owners talking about their products/services) we have decided to invest in some high quality sound gear!

Our new wireless mic set by Sennheiser!

Today, our Sennheiser omnidirectional lavaliere wireless mic set arrived! Omnidirectional means it records from different directions instead of the typical narrow sound path of most mics and lavaliere just means that it is a small mic that can be easily clipped on to a surface on the body or hidden on a set. This microphone set is an amazing product and has had top reviews on video blogs all over the world. We are very excited to put it to use with our Zoom recorder to ensure the best sound for our videos whether it’s a wedding in a big open church, an employee talking about the business they work in or an interview of a relative at a family reunion. Stay tuned for videos that incorporate our new sound system!

Price Breakdown of our Packages – What are you paying for?

What exactly are you paying for? It’s important to know the answer to this when paying for anything at all, so here is a list of what is factored in when pricing our packages.

Experience & Training: Experience and training go a long way. Things can (and do) go wrong when filming so it is best to have a professional that knows what he/she is doing when shooting your wedding. Hiring someone that has gone to film school and has worked in the film or wedding industry can go a long way. We had paid a lot of money for our training in film at the Prague Film School (one of Europe’s leading film schools) and are better off for it.

Creative Eye & Talent: When you pick a videographer you are paying for his/her unique creative eye and talent. This has to do with the product of what you are buying. If you wanted to you could certainly ask a member or a friend to film your wedding and you are free to do that but you are missing out on something we as a company hold in high regard and that is our talent. Video isn’t just about stacking a camera on a tripod and pressing record. We consider lighting, framing, angles, movement, emotion, sequencing, transitions and even who or what should be filmed at a specific time. We love what we do and it shows in our work and we are constantly working to better ourselves as videographers by being dedicated and innovative with our projects.

Time: This encompasses all pre production, shooting and post production. Post production in particular is a very lengthy and tedious process. Let’s just start by saying that this is no iMovie editing software and video editing is very different from photo editing. Little is known about editing video by those that don’t do it so it’s hard for people to know what exactly they pay for int the post production of a video. Editing video is extremely time consuming. For weddings, we have to watch all the footage gathered from a 12 or 14-hour day which can take anywhere from 3-10 hours depending on the number of cameras and the amount of footage we have shot. This footage must then be sorted and transcoded so that it can be imported into an editing program (this can take over 5-8 hours alone). The footage is then imported into the program and is then edited into multiple videos. The editing itself can be quite time consuming especially with sound editing. The sound must be synced from the external mic to the video and then each cut made will often needs its own sound adjusting as well as smoothing out between cuts so that there is not static sound between them. These videos are then exported (this can take anywhere from 10-40 mins per video (1 speech = 1 video), and then they are each transcoded which can take from 20 mins per video to an hour depending on the length. Finally, the videos are uploaded onto Google Drive to give them to our clients (or another medium) which can take another 20-50 mins per video. The whole process can take a while. So for a wedding video it is typically 4-5 days of straight post production and editing plus the 12-hour day of shooting. As you can see, time is definitely a factor in our prices as you are paying for a full week of work by a professional in the wedding and film industry.

Depreciation on Equipment: Camera equipment and Editing Software are very expensive and they both depreciate with time. For example, all cameras have a lifespan and their internal monitors can collect more dust with age which can show of on video and be VERY difficult to remove. It’s best to ensure you are using equipment that is top of the line at all times. The body of a “cheap” professional camera runs around $3,500 alone. Lenses are also costly, our cheapest lens is around $1,000 and our most expensive is $2,500. Batteries and memory cars which are $40-$150 each also depreciate. There are also steady cams (~$600 each), sound equipment ($1000 for a basic set of one wireless mic and a receiver), tripods ($200), sliders ($200) and many other items that all add up to the value of our equipment. Most videographers also use their own cars to get around on the wedding day and there is certainly depreciation on a car the more you drive it (especially on our roads in Newfoundland).

Professionalism: Unlike the “Creative Eye & Talent” listed above, this is the service aspect of hiring a videographer. You will be spending your entire day with this person, he/she will be around your entire friends and family and will be working with the photographers to ensure both of them get the shots they need. Professionalism is HUGE in this regard. You need someone you get along with that will work well with others and strive to do the best they can to give you their best work.

Costs of running a business (taxes, advertising, editing software, travel, storage space, time): Like any other business, we have costs associated in the day-to-day running of Tin Bird Productions Inc. We pay taxes, we spend money in advertising and will continue to do so in the future. Also editing software is very expensive and must be kept up to date. Data is also factored into our prices as we typically use just under a Terabyte of raw footage per wedding. Travel is also factored into our cost. We typically meet with clients before the wedding, we go to the rehearsal, then on the day of the wedding we travel around the city and sometimes outside of it for the ceremony, photos and reception. Sometimes we also pick up and drop off drives for our bigger packages that can’t be transferred online. We also spend a fair bit of time meeting and communicating with our clients as well as updating our website, Facebook Page and blog. All of these things are considered when building our packages and deciding prices.

So in conclusion, you are paying for all the above when you are hiring us. We have had a very successful start to our business and we look forward to that continuing into 2015! Have a great year everyone!! -Lian (Tin Bird Productions Inc.)

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Wedding Videos – Behind The Scenes with Tin Bird Productions

Tin Bird Productions Lian Morrison

This is a behind the scenes shot of me (Lian) taken by Sally Le Drew of Pictures By Sally LeDrew. She is excellent to work with for anyone looking for a photographer, and her photos are amazing! Here I am working on Valerie & Stephen Brown’s wedding video in October 2014, fun times!! 🙂

Weddings are great to work on, you get a lot of creative freedom and you make a product that your clients will keep and cherish forever. Each video means a lot to the people you film them for as well as their friends and families. When else do you have someone following you and your family around with a camera capturing a milestone in your lives when you are all celebrating together? That’s essentially what I like most about filming weddings, how important they are to a client. When you work on bigger productions, there isn’t much of a personal feel or connection to the film/commercial. Also, there are a lot of restrictions over what you can/can’t do and also how things are done. Usually there are a lot of people you are working with (which can be a good thing) but it’s just not the environment I prefer. I like deciding shots, filming real reactions of real people and being part of something that means so much to someone else.

Now that doesn’t mean that weddings can’t be stressful. They can be at times but at the end of the day, the couple is getting married surrounded by their loved ones and nothing can change that. Each wedding is different from the next and it shows in all the videos ( I couldn’t do the same shots for each wedding if I tried). I like to keep it fairly simple with my camera movements and editing, I don’t want my shots to look too trendy so that in 10 years I will look at them and think “…what was I thinking.” I have made enough mistakes with my hair and clothes in my adolescent years to make up for that. Timeless videos are key for me!

So those are my thoughts on making wedding videos, I’m sure it’s a topic I will blog about more in the future. Thanks for reading! -Lian