Come Play With Me Promo Video!

Here is the promotional video for the Come Play With Me initiative! Tin Bird Productions was asked to film people using the street piano and here is what we captured. This took place at the St. John’s International Airport in partnership with The East Coast Music Association and Business and Arts NL. Enjoy!!

Working with Animals on Film Sets and in Weddings

dog wedding

I have worked with animals on film sets, promotional videos, television and weddings. It is often said that children and animals are the hardest to work with in film and I can definitely see that. They have a mind of their own especially with a lot of new people around in a fast-paced environment.

When I worked as a 2nd assistant director on Save My Pet, we had animals ranging from ferrets to cats and dogs. The day would be about what you would expect but we had excellent animal wranglers who seemed to do the impossible when it came to over-excited fur babies. The one thing that most wranglers seem to do is limit the attention to the animals by crew members. You can’t have 30 different people coming up to a dog and playing with it while you are trying to calm it down for a scene where it is supposed to be calmly sitting by its owner. Also, the animal was only ever on set when it needed to be. When shots were being set up, the animal was put back in his/her quiet place so they wouldn’t get scared from all the noise/commotion of changing lights/camera setups.

animals wedding

For weddings, I usually don’t even attempt at getting a shot of a dog or cat until the novelty of me arriving has worn off but I always have my camera ready just in case. This is because animals move around so much when they are excited and it is near impossible to get a focused shot of them.

Dogs and cats love to sniff every piece of equipment so I usually let them do that then try to get them in a nicer background without equipment in it. It is great to get a shot of them acting normal in their own environment but I will be completely honest, what I often end up have to do is going to a room alone with them and dangling a treat behind the camera as they stare at it then I get a good shot before they start drooling. This is the “magic” of working with pets haha. They just get super excited when new people are around so if you get a chance to work with them before everyone arrives then that should work well for you. Most dogs are very hyper with all the wedding commotion but not all, so you kind of just need to play it by ear. Having the bride and/or groom around for a shot can be really cute too so I recommend getting them in the shot if you/they have the time.

dog animal

Now for cats. I absolutely love cats but they are much harder to get a good shot of at weddings. Cats and dogs were not domesticated the same way so they have very different personalities and they interact with their owners in a much different way. Dogs were domesticated by humans for work and companionship, they are naturally people pleasers and are devoted to their owners.

Cats are not quite the same. Humans did not domesticate cats, they domesticated themselves. Cats started hanging around humans because of the rodents that followed humans around. It was an opportunity to get food. Humans benefitted from having cats around so they eventually began to take them in as pets in their communities and homes.

This is not to say cats don’t love humans, they just love them in a different way. Like dogs, cats have individual personalities. I had one myself that had the personality of a dog and followed me everywhere and would never scratch anybody no matter what you did with him. His name was Sir Francis Poe Hufflepuff, see his handsome picture below, he was as soft as he looks :). I have also been around cats that will allow you to pet them but then out of nowhere will take a good swipe at you with their claws out because they felt like their petting time was sufficient (thanks Meowth).

wedding cat
My favourite cat in the whole world, Sir Francis Poe Hufflepuff. Photo by Rock Island Images. ❤

I definitely find that cats take time when you are trying to shoot them on video. Unlike dogs, cats very rarely get happy excited around people because their environment is being upset so they will tend to hide. You really just need to take your time with them and also use treats when possible. I would suggest also going into a separate room with them and let them rub their scent on your equipment so they feel more empowered (it works I swear). I also find that it works better with cats if you stay in one place and just point your camera at them versus chasing them around the room. If all else fails, just get one of the owners to work his/her magic and pick up the cat so you can get a shot of it being still in his/her arms. I love the shots of owners and their pets so this is one I will usually try to get anyway but it’s also nice to have a shot of the pet on their own just in case.

That’s it so far for my advice on shooting animals on film sets and in weddings. I am sure I will come across some more tips, so I will update this blog when the time comes!

Things to do on your trip to Newfoundland!

The wedding season is coming upon us! Chances are you have friends and family coming to help celebrate your special day in Newfoundland. To help you out, we have made a list of things to do during a holiday on “the rock!”

Visit Quidi Vidi. Quidi Vidi truly is one of a kind. Nestled in between giant rocks on a small quiet harbor, you will find a quaint village that has it’s own little community of locals and travelers alike. You can do a brewery tour at Quidi Vidi Brewery and try some of the local beer. They even have one that is made using water collected from icebergs and it it is appropriately name Iceberg. If you are feeling a bit hungry, stop by Mallard Cottage, a very quaint restaurant set up in what used to be an antique shop. Mallard Cottage has a great menu with traditional Newfoundland food selections. This restaurant couldn’t suit Quidi Vidi more and it is a must for anyone traveling to Newfoundland. If you are not looking for a full meal, consider the Inn of Olde. The Inn of Olde’s owner, Linda, will always happily greet anyone that walks through her door and perhaps even offer you a bowl of soup! This is a bar like nothing you have never seen. Literally every inch of the wall is covered in some sort of Newfoundland memorabilia. It’s just like stepping into an old cabin and it even has it’s own traditional wood stove! If you are curious about what this bar looks like, there are photos online of this bar, but it’s really something you have to go see for yourself.

Try some wild game – If you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, you should try some of our wild game. It’s all natural and organic and full of vitamins and essential nutrients to keep your body going during your Newfoundland vacation! Moose is a popular meat in Newfoundland and it is very low in fat and high in nutrients. You can eat it in the form of a burger, steak, sausage, in a pie or in stew! We also have caribou, rabbit and of course, all of our seafood. One restaurant that celebrates Newfoundland cuisine and has won multiple awards, including a gold metal at the Olympic Gold Metal Plates Competition, is Bacalao. Bacalao has earned an excellent reputation in St.John’s for offering unmatched “innovative interpretation of Newfoundland cuisine.” A favorite among locals and travelers alike, Bacalao is a a great place to experience expertly crafted dishes that draw inspiration from traditional Newfoundland dishes.

Experience the Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic. We can guarantee that this is a experience you will never forget. The Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic has actually been around for a while but many people have yet to discover this exceptional place. To get there you will drive along the Irish Loop until you get to a quaint little town called Ferryland. Ferryland is rich in history and has it’s own museum where you can learn about the locals and their history in this small town. You drive up to a gravel parking lot and then it’s about a 10-20 minute walk (depending on your pace) to the lighthouse. You will be surrounded by rolling hills, rugged coastline and trees with a gentle sea breeze blowing in. Once you get to the lighthouse itself, you can go inside the old building and decide which menu you want. You will be given a blanket and a little stick with a flag on it and they you can choose where on the rolling hills you want to sit. (Don’t worry there is a ton of space and you will be surrounded by beautiful coastline no matter where you go). Whales are often seen breaching near the shore here and it is a good place for them to find fish so you may even have some live entertainment, courtesy of mother nature!

Shop Downtown St. John’s. St. John’s is the oldest city in North America, it as been captured by the French, British and the Dutch and each of these nations have left their mark on our beautiful city. A great way to spend a few hours in St. John’s is to go on foot and explore Water Street and Duckworth street. Here you can pop into various locally owned shops that sell great gifts, handmade souvenirs and unique clothing. During your shopping outing, you can have a coffee, beer or lunch at one the many local eateries in the downtown area. This old city is a leading contender in the food industry which has boomed over the past few years and you’re sure to be hungry if you et out on foot to take in the local merchandise these shops are selling.

These are just a few of our suggestions on things to do in Newfoundland. There are many other things that tourists and locals like to do such as go camping, hike the east coast trail, go on a boat tour or attend a music festival. This province offers a lot and you’re sure to enjoy you’re time here no matter which activities you choose to do!

The 2015 EMCAs!

The ECMA (East Coast Music Association) is starting its awards season this week. We have been asked to capturing some of the performances at the St. John’s International Airport on April 8th and 9th! There will be a piano for arriving artist who may choose to do an impromptu set, how fun is that?!

Every year artists from all over Atlantic Canada come to a host city and over 25 different awards are given to various artists and groups. This year we are expecting to see Hear/Say, Steve Maloney, Mo Kenny, In-Flight Safety, Skinny Thing, The Raven’s Sun and more! There is so much talent in each of the groups attending and you can catch some performances at various venues around St. John’s, to see a list of dates/locations, click here. You will not regret going to any of these shows!

See our newest (and first) promotional video!

This is the first of some promotional videos we will be doing in the near future. These are a great way to introduce your company to the world and get higher search ratings. Some people also use them to make an announcement such as offering a new product or service. Don’t miss out, contact us today to book your video!

Promotional Videos for Businesses and Organizations

promotional video newfoundland

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has predicted that video usage in social media will “explode” in the next few years and eventually surpass the usage of photos in the future as newer technologies develop. More and more companies are realizing this and are now using videos to help promote their business and give them an edge on their competitors. Videos can also help you communicate better with your customers and give your brand a unique identity. What is it about your business that makes it different from the rest? You can tell your own story with our videos.

Here are out top 5 reasons to have a promotional video for your business or organization:

It will help your search ratings greatly! Videos are given higher priority in search engines than text and photos. So when someone searches “hotels in Newfoundland” the ones with the video will be boosted to the top over their competition that don’t have videos.

Videos stay in your memory. They appeal to more of your senses and immerse your audience in your message. People remember what they see and hear and the video is a combination of both. What are you more likely to remember, an ad in a magazine that you skip over or a commercial?

Promotional videos can be the most powerful way to reach target markets.
We upload our promo videos on Vimeo and Youtube, the latter being one of the biggest search engines in the world. You can use SEO along with your video to reach the target audience that is looking for the product or service you offer. You can gain new customers in your target market while retaining ones you already have with creative and relevant videos. If you are introducing a new product or service, videos are the best way to announce them and reach the people that will want to buy them.

Videos last for years and their exposure increases with time. With the abundance of smartphones and tablets people are always connected. Promotional videos can now be viewed anywhere at any time and they go hand in hand with social media which has spiked in popularity in the past 10 years. You can use your promotional video for specific promotions or contests and even after it is all over, the video will still be on your site and your social media pages, increasing the number of views and exposure for your brand.

Promotional videos help you win trust and develop brand identity. They show that a  company is serious and cares about their image. Videos make a company look professional and help develop brand identity which is very important no matter what field you are in. People are more likely to trust a video where they can see, hear and feel what your business is saying and they feel more of a connection to it.


How video can help businesses drive engagement and revenue on mobile

Why should you hire a videographer for your wedding?

It’s your big day and the cost of everything can add up very quickly. From transportation rentals that go upwards of $1000 in peak season, to tent rentals that are so expensive they make buying a tent and reselling it more economic. Who doesn’t want to cut corners when calculating their wedding budget?

This is one of the most important days of your life, isn’t it? Photos will capture your day for sure, but you will get so much more when you include a videographer into your plans as well. Most photographers and videographers can work really well together and ensure that you have everything on your wedding day covered. Sometimes there are special moments of the day that you never see – it could be something simple, such as your flower girl twirling in her little white dress in the grass or a family member wiping away a tear during your ceremony: this is where the videographer comes in, we’ll make sure we capture these small moments for you that you can share them with everyone for years to come.

Here are my top 5 reasons to hire a videographer:

Reliving the day: With the added bonus of video you can hear and feel the environment of your wedding day again and again. We have had so much feedback stating our videos help the couple to relive the happiness of their day. Also, some people can’t make it to your wedding and having a trailer video/highlight reel or a video of your favourite speech to send to them is a way you can make them feel as if they were there. This also works for future children and grandchildren – imagine how great it would be to see your grandparents exchange their vows on this wedding day!

Video = MULTIPLE Stills (pictures) Videos are essentially pictures in order, a LOT of them. The frame rate is the amount of pictures per second that are taken in video. Typically most people shoot at 24 frames per second, 25fps or 30fps so that is a lot of photos from our videos to choose from that can be extracted and the exact moment they look their best. We do this with each of our packages so you get both videos as well as pictures – two birds with one stone!

It’s 2015, wedding videos have changed a lot since their popularity in the 90s. Long gone are the days of grainy images in extremely long videos (sometimes 10 hours long) that sit on your shelf and collect dust. In the past 5 years there has been a huge comeback in videos for weddings and other occasions, they are made for the client to watch them in a format that is more clean cut and precise instead of dumping a ton of footage on a VHS tape. Videos have also become more incorporated into Social Media and we have stated in one of our previous posts that even the creator/founder of Facebook, Mark Zukkerberg has predicted that video usage in social media will “explode” in the next few years and eventually pass photos in the future as newer technologies develop.

Future Projects: Nothing can replace memories and that is what videos are, memories. With our videos you can easily take them and use them 10, 20 or 50 years down the road with new footage as a sort of time capsule. An example of this would be an Anniversary video that we made for Doug and Joanne a few months ago using footage from their 10 year anniversary edited with their original wedding video, take a look here!

Why not? Yes, hiring a videographer means more expense added to your budget but it is something that if you don’t get it for your wedding day then you will never have that chance again. Some people regret not hiring a videographer and some people don’t; it is really up to you and it’s your decision on what is important for you to have on your wedding day as well as how much you wish to spend on it. You can’t regain your special day (unless time travel happens!) so the next best thing is ensuring you are having your day captured by talented professionals. We will ensure you get to watch and re-watch those special moments that you otherwise may not see yourself because you are too busy living in the moment of your wedding day, as you should be!

Wedding Shows in Newfoundland

Wedding shows are a great way to meet vendors that can help you celebrate one of the most important days of your life. If you live in Newfoundland, there are a few shows to attend and see what is available to you on your wedding day.

Tin Bird Productions just recently participated in The Ultimate Bridal Show at the Sheraton Hotel in St. John’s, Newfoundland and I must say -it was a blast! My sister helped me out for the day and we met so many excited brides and picked up a lot of new clients! This was my first wedding show, having only started Tin Bird Productions last July and so I didn’t really know what to expect.

The show itself was very well organized and there was a big variety of vendors to choose from. There were cake decorators, bridal salons, wedding planners, venues, photographers, hair salons, florists and more!

nl wedding show

For our booth, I opted to go for a fairly simple display so the focus stayed on our framed TV that was streaming a loop of our most recent videos. (My dad helped me make the frame out of wood and spray paint and I loved it)! I had a big mount of the packages/prices printed off as well as a simple vase of flowers, a little tin windup bird, a framed still from one of our videos and our business cards in a cute little gold holder. Overall, I would say the show was excellent, I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people so I will definitely be signing us up for the next Ultimate Bridal Show.


The Ultimate Bridal Show isn’t the only wedding show in Newfoundland though, there is another show coming up on March 8th called the Devotion Wedding Show and it will be in the Mount Pearl Glacier. We will be there so if you plan on going, stop by the booth and say hello! Newfoundland has a lot to offer for weddings and these shows are the perfect way to meet the people that will be working with you to ensure your day is everything you hope it will be so take advantage of these opportunities and see what’s out there! -Lian