Presenting….. our logo!!

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Well here is the final product! Thanks to Kimberly Jose Yapp, Tin Bird Productions has its very own logo! I’m so happy with the results. In case you may be wondering about the name and logo of Tin Bird Productions, it comes from my grandfather. He used to have little wind up toys and would sometimes carry them around in his pocket. A little tin bird was my favourite so when it came to picking out a name, it was the one that stuck out to me. I had other ideas that didn’t make the cut but I might write about them for another blog! One interesting fact about the logo is that the key on the back of the bird is actually 3 apertures, which are essentially mechanisms inside cameras that control the amount of light. This was something Kimberly came up with and I loved the idea. To see more of Kim’s work, visit her webpage and Facebook page here:

She is a graphic artist you will want to keep your eyes on as she is working on some really interesting projects and this is only the beginning of her career.

It’s official!

Hello! This is our first blog post! We are now officially incorporated as of this past Thursday, August 14th!! 🙂 We’re looking forward doing lots of videography in Newfoundland in the next year. This month is turning out to be a pretty busy for us and the work we have received so far has been all from word of mouth (just like Krispy Kreme), which is great. On Friday we shot our first video as an incorporated company, it is a graduation video for the Primary & Elementary class of 2014 from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. Things went well and now it’s just time to edit! We are also awaiting the completion of our logo which is currently getting its final touches from Graphic Artist, Kimberly Jose Yapp. If you want to see some of her previous work, visit her website here:

That’s all the news for now, check back for more updates next week!