I have a NEW documentary in the works!!

This is pretty exciting news! I am officially working on my first TV hour documentary for CBC, as part of the Absolutely Canadian series. This doc will be shot entirely in Newfoundland and it’s about the mobile workforce, people who have employment-related travel and it will be supported by CBC, On the Move Partnership and the NLFDC.

I am currently in the pre-production process of working out contracts and looking for main subjects to be in the film so if you know any of the following 3 people that might be interested in being in it feel free to reach out to me (info@tinbirdproductions.com) and say hi!

  • Single mother using public transit to get to and from her job
  • A fly-in/fly-out worker with a family in Newfoundland
  • A single/divorced male truck driver

The shoot itself will be very low key and it may just be me with my camera and a few lights fyi!