Youth Ventures + Choices For Youth

Youth Ventures is a program based in Newfoundland that aims to empower young people to turn their hobbies, interests, and passions into profitable business ventures. Since 1992 it has helped over 7000 young people follow their business start-up dreams.

Watch this video to see how Youth Ventures and Choices for Youth are helping young people in our community.

Youth Ventures from Tin Bird Productions on Vimeo.

Impact Construction

Recently I shot and edited 4 videos for Choices for Youth, a non-profit organization based in St. John’s, Newfoundland that performs outreach and engagement services for youth in our community.

Impact Construction is a social enterprise that teaches youth skills in the construction field so that they can obtain work in the construction field. Having the opportunity to make videos for this organization was so rewarding because I was able to learn about the difference this organization makes in the lives of youth every day. These programs need our support and the return on any business given to them goes a long way so if you are ever in need of construction work get in touch with them :).

Impact Construction from Tin Bird Productions on Vimeo.

Weary Music Video

Getting up at 5am for the sunrise = totally worth it.

I shot this music video for local St. John’s band, Weary this past spring! It was edited by the lead singer Kate and she did a great job!! Thanks to the Nickel Independent Film Festival for putting this off, it was a lot of fun!

Tin Bird turns FIVE!!!!

The big FIVE year mark for Tin Bird has come!!! I took a (semi-calculated) risk and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, every day I learn something new and I get to create content for so many interesting people and organizations. This year I actually wasn’t going to celebrate because of my shooting/editing load but it’s important to take a step back and remember how far you have come …and of course eat delicious cake from @rocketbakery!! Being a one woman-show definitely has it stressors but I have a lot of amazing clients, friends and family so thank you for supporting me in all the ways you do. I’m looking forward to see what the next few years bring!! ❤️ (Also I am extra so I used two cake toppers).

Opening night at the Nickel SOLD OUT!!

It was so much fun to have “Behind Banana Vacuum” screen during opening night at the Nickel Independent Film Festival, which ended up being a full house!! There were a lot of great films screened tonight, we’re seeing more diversity in front of and behind the camera which is great because film is an influential medium of storytelling. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting this amazing local festival! 🙂

I have a demo reel!!

Finally!! Take a look! This includes films I have directed as well as one commercial video shoot I shot last year. There are works here from St. John’s, Prague and China! It’s fun to have a little trip down memory lane with these actually :).

Animation Workshop in Labrador

I had a chance to go to Sheshatshiu and Goose Bay in Labrador with the Nickel Independent Film Festival to be a mentor with Montreal animator, Glenn Gear. We taught the kids the basics of storytelling and animation then filmed a short animation with them using paper puppets they created!