A behind-the-scenes look

Last week I directed and co-produced a shoot for my new documentary, Set in Motion, at The Pouch Cove Foundation. We had a team that included a DP (Cecil Johnson), Sound Recordist/Mixer (Don Ellis), Camera Assistant (Duncan DeYoung), Production Manager (Mayra Sanchez) and Stills Photographer (Alex Stead). On this shoot we interviewed two researchers from On the Move Partnership, Deatra Walsh and Leanna Butters and they gave us some insight on the work they have completed recently.

The whole shoot went really well and I loved working on a team, something I don’t often do but definitely would like to be doing a lot more of in the future.

It’s all starting to come together for this doc finally as pre-production began during our 2020 lockdown. I’m happy to see this take form and looking forward to its release this coming fall.