Things to do on your trip to Newfoundland!

The wedding season is coming upon us! Chances are you have friends and family coming to help celebrate your special day in Newfoundland. To help you out, we have made a list of things to do during a holiday on “the rock!”

Visit Quidi Vidi. Quidi Vidi truly is one of a kind. Nestled in between giant rocks on a small quiet harbor, you will find a quaint village that has it’s own little community of locals and travelers alike. You can do a brewery tour at Quidi Vidi Brewery and try some of the local beer. They even have one that is made using water collected from icebergs and it it is appropriately name Iceberg. If you are feeling a bit hungry, stop by Mallard Cottage, a very quaint restaurant set up in what used to be an antique shop. Mallard Cottage has a great menu with traditional Newfoundland food selections. This restaurant couldn’t suit Quidi Vidi more and it is a must for anyone traveling to Newfoundland. If you are not looking for a full meal, consider the Inn of Olde. The Inn of Olde’s owner, Linda, will always happily greet anyone that walks through her door and perhaps even offer you a bowl of soup! This is a bar like nothing you have never seen. Literally every inch of the wall is covered in some sort of Newfoundland memorabilia. It’s just like stepping into an old cabin and it even has it’s own traditional wood stove! If you are curious about what this bar looks like, there are photos online of this bar, but it’s really something you have to go see for yourself.

Try some wild game – If you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, you should try some of our wild game. It’s all natural and organic and full of vitamins and essential nutrients to keep your body going during your Newfoundland vacation! Moose is a popular meat in Newfoundland and it is very low in fat and high in nutrients. You can eat it in the form of a burger, steak, sausage, in a pie or in stew! We also have caribou, rabbit and of course, all of our seafood. One restaurant that celebrates Newfoundland cuisine and has won multiple awards, including a gold metal at the Olympic Gold Metal Plates Competition, is Bacalao. Bacalao has earned an excellent reputation in St.John’s for offering unmatched “innovative interpretation of Newfoundland cuisine.” A favorite among locals and travelers alike, Bacalao is a a great place to experience expertly crafted dishes that draw inspiration from traditional Newfoundland dishes.

Experience the Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic. We can guarantee that this is a experience you will never forget. The Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic has actually been around for a while but many people have yet to discover this exceptional place. To get there you will drive along the Irish Loop until you get to a quaint little town called Ferryland. Ferryland is rich in history and has it’s own museum where you can learn about the locals and their history in this small town. You drive up to a gravel parking lot and then it’s about a 10-20 minute walk (depending on your pace) to the lighthouse. You will be surrounded by rolling hills, rugged coastline and trees with a gentle sea breeze blowing in. Once you get to the lighthouse itself, you can go inside the old building and decide which menu you want. You will be given a blanket and a little stick with a flag on it and they you can choose where on the rolling hills you want to sit. (Don’t worry there is a ton of space and you will be surrounded by beautiful coastline no matter where you go). Whales are often seen breaching near the shore here and it is a good place for them to find fish so you may even have some live entertainment, courtesy of mother nature!

Shop Downtown St. John’s. St. John’s is the oldest city in North America, it as been captured by the French, British and the Dutch and each of these nations have left their mark on our beautiful city. A great way to spend a few hours in St. John’s is to go on foot and explore Water Street and Duckworth street. Here you can pop into various locally owned shops that sell great gifts, handmade souvenirs and unique clothing. During your shopping outing, you can have a coffee, beer or lunch at one the many local eateries in the downtown area. This old city is a leading contender in the food industry which has boomed over the past few years and you’re sure to be hungry if you et out on foot to take in the local merchandise these shops are selling.

These are just a few of our suggestions on things to do in Newfoundland. There are many other things that tourists and locals like to do such as go camping, hike the east coast trail, go on a boat tour or attend a music festival. This province offers a lot and you’re sure to enjoy you’re time here no matter which activities you choose to do!