Sound Skills!

Test audiences have shown that people are more tolerant of bad picture than they are of bad audio. In most of our videos so far we have used music over our main wedding videos but now that we are getting more into videos incorporating voices (vows at a weddings, business owners talking about their products/services) we have decided to invest in some high quality sound gear!

Our new wireless mic set by Sennheiser!

Today, our Sennheiser omnidirectional lavaliere wireless mic set arrived! Omnidirectional means it records from different directions instead of the typical narrow sound path of most mics and lavaliere just means that it is a small mic that can be easily clipped on to a surface on the body or hidden on a set. This microphone set is an amazing product and has had top reviews on video blogs all over the world. We are very excited to put it to use with our Zoom recorder to ensure the best sound for our videos whether it’s a wedding in a big open church, an employee talking about the business they work in or an interview of a relative at a family reunion. Stay tuned for videos that incorporate our new sound system!