Famous Behind-the-Scenes Movie Tidbits

One thing is for sure, a lot of work goes into making a movie, big or small. It’s no surprise that things go on during productions that viewers would never be aware of it it weren’t for crew and cast letting the public know. While browsing on Reddit I saw a list of some of the behind-the-scenes movie facts that users submitted and I have compiled a list of my favourites to share! Enjoy 🙂

1- In Goodfellas, the spaghetti they’re eating was cooked by Scorsese’s mother. Submitted by HoboChique

2- While filming Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Bella, the Neapolitan mastiff that played Fang, got very protective of Daniel Radcliffe, and would jump in front of him whenever the animatronic spider for Aragog would come out to defend him, resulting in then having to refilm the scene multiple times. Submitted by addytude529

3- In The Shawshank Redemption, there’s a scene where a guy feeds a maggot to a crow.
The American Humane Association made them find a maggot that had died of natural causes to feed to the crow. They wouldn’t have given the “no animals were harmed in the making of this film” at the end if they hadn’t. Submitted by Noah-R

4- In Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers when Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas are approaching the pile of smoldering and dismembered corpses looking for Pipin and Mary, Vigo Mortensen kicks a helmeted Orc head and screams, thinking the hobbits are dead and gone.
It’s a really good scream and 100% authentic. When Mortensen kicked the head/helmet he broke two of his toes. He used the pain and stayed in character. They kept the scene for the movie. Submitted by UCM Coyote

5- While looking for a tattered coat for the character playing The Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, a costume assistant bought one from a second hand store. When the actor put the coat on he turned the pocket inside out – written in the pocket was the name L.Frank Baum who is the author of The Wizard of Oz books. Baum’s widow later identified the coat as actually having belonged to her husband. Submitted by Naweezy

6- In Alien Resurrection, Sigourney Weaver really did make that no look, over the shoulder basketball shot. Ron Perlman almost blew the take because he was so surprised! Submitted by ry100

7- The movie “Wayne’s World” was filmed in less than a month, because the equipment was all borrowed from someone else.
Also, Dana Carvey actually didn’t know the lyrics to the Bohemian Rhapsody. He just mouthed along as the scene was shot. Submitted by Frye the Cat

8- In Psycho, Janet Leigh’s infamous shower scene was filmed on the second take. The first, she did it and the water was average temperature. The second, the water was turned to freezing and it caught her off guard enough that her scream is real. Submitted by my_Favorite_post