Wedding Videos – Behind The Scenes with Tin Bird Productions

Tin Bird Productions Lian Morrison

This is a behind the scenes shot of me (Lian) taken by¬†Sally Le Drew of Pictures By Sally LeDrew. She is excellent to work with for anyone looking for a photographer, and her photos are amazing! Here I am working on Valerie & Stephen Brown’s wedding video in October 2014, fun times!! ūüôā

Weddings are great to work on, you get a lot of creative freedom and you make a product that your clients will keep and cherish forever. Each¬†video means a lot to the people you film them for as well as their friends and families. When else do you have someone following you and your family around with a camera capturing a milestone in your¬†lives when you are all celebrating together? That’s essentially what I like most about filming weddings, how important they are¬†to a client. When you work on bigger productions, there isn’t much of a personal feel or connection to the film/commercial. Also, there are a lot of restrictions over what you can/can’t do and¬†also how things are done. Usually there are a lot of people you are working with (which can be a good thing) but it’s just not the environment¬†I prefer. I like deciding shots, filming real reactions of real people and being part of something that means so much to someone else.

Now that doesn’t mean that weddings can’t be stressful. They can be at times but at the end of the day, the couple is getting married surrounded by their loved ones¬†and nothing can change that. Each wedding is different from the next and it shows in all the videos¬†( I couldn’t do the same shots for each wedding if I tried). I like to keep it fairly simple with my camera movements and editing, I don’t want my shots to look too trendy so that in 10 years I will look at them and think “…what was I thinking.” I have made enough mistakes with my hair and clothes in my¬†adolescent¬†years to make up for that. Timeless videos are key for me!

So those are my thoughts on making wedding videos, I’m sure it’s a topic I will blog about more in the future. Thanks for reading! -Lian



Phillip & Rebecca’s Video

Tin Bird Productions had the pleasure of doing the videography for Rebecca & Phillip’s wedding in Spaniard’s Bay, Newfoundland. We had a great day and were surrounded by wonderful people and beautiful scenery! Rebecca and Phillip are very in love and we think it shows in the video! Enjoy!

Wedding Shows in 2015

We are excited to be in our first wedding shows in Newfoundland next year! So far we are booked for the The Ultimate Bridal Show (in St. John’s Feb 15th), as well as The¬†Devotion Wedding Show (in Mount Pearl March 8th).¬†We will be promoting our wedding videography by playing some of our favourite videos in our own booth so if you attending the event, pop by and say hello!

Wedding shows are great for anyone that is planning on getting married in the near future. It’s the perfect¬†way to see the different products and services wedding vendors offer in your area. Typically you will see photographers, videographers, bridal boutique owners, decorators, florists, events planners, venue representatives AND our personal favourites.. cake decorators with samples of their different flavours!! These events are super fun to bring along your mother, sister and MOH to shop around for your wedding. If you are getting married soon, we recommend coming to one of these shows in Newfoundland and see what vendors in your area have to offer you for your special day.

Our very first wedding anniversary video is here!

We had a blast filming the 10th wedding anniversary for Doug & Joanne Phillips! We even got to incorporate their old wedding video with new footage from their present lives together. It’s a great way to show how their family has grown. Since getting married on October 2nd, 2014, Doug and Joanne have added 2 new additions to their family – Maggie and Jack! The whole day was a lot of fun and we think the kids enjoyed it a lot too! Joanne put on her wedding dress (which Maggie was super excited about) and everyone dressed up and we went out for a day of family fun! Have a look at the video, featuring the song “You’re My Best Friend” by a very talented band in Newfoundland called The Once!